News & Press

"This band has it all"
-Feedback Fury (Michigan)

"One of the most remarkable live acts Boston has produced in a long, long time"
-The Observer (Nashville)

"With resounding drum lines and a set of vocals that are Cobain-tinged, Sunshine Riot keep the tempo quick and inviting to listeners"
-Neufutur Magazine (Akron OH)

"They’ve been described as Johnny Cash meets Curt Cobain and their relentless touring across the country is garnering them an ever growing fan base of college students and fans of original music that doesn’t suck"
-Skope Magazine

"Grit and the most raucous Americana sound that combines the angst of Nirvana with the temperament of Wilco" (Albuquerque New Mexico) 

"Great, Genre-defying songwriting"
-The Daily Dose (Providence)

"This vocal presence is clear-eyed and softly intimate, and yet, it's also a rockin' one . . . raspy, ranty and maybe even a little out of hand!"
-Boston Band Crush (Boston)

"Great, soulful band. . . a favorite of mine"
-George Dussault, 16 time grammy nominated producer

"Their music and ability to connect with fans is just awesome"

-Sounds of Boston

"The album has tinges of rockabilly, alt country and blues, but from beginning to end, there is one constant: the foundation of Sunshine Riot’s pure and raw rock and roll — and that’s by design."

"A rollicking rock and roll snarl mixed with a rootsy Americana sound . . . a hybrid of genres that is so exciting!" (Austin TX)

"This dynamic Boston outfit deliver a winning surplus of pure, thrilling sonic pow on their debut full length."

"Sunshine Riot encapsulate all that can be great with rock and roll if you don't over-think it."

"Sunshine Riot take no prisoners with their galloping rock energy and urgent vocals."
-Glide Magazine
"Sunshine Riot’s stage presence, a wild and punk audacity that infected the room."
"Catchier than the flu" (Boston)